REAEON160 XL Gel Pen Set Giveaway

One of the fastest growing hobby is coloring for adults. Though, adults do not color with crayons they want the bold and vibrant colors that gel pens offer. Gel pens apply the color smoothly around the paper unlike the a regular marker or crayons. Surprisingly is the color quality and variations that gel pens offer.   Another… Continue reading REAEON160 XL Gel Pen Set Giveaway

Let the Turtle Take the Guess Work Out at Bath Time

Bath time should be a fun experience, but for some kids it’s the most dreaded time of the day. By making sure the water is the right temp you will find that bath time can be fun again. It doesn’t hurt when you toss in a toy that can display the waters temperature. The turtle… Continue reading Let the Turtle Take the Guess Work Out at Bath Time

Nintendo 3DS XL / 3DS Carry Case for Home or On the Go.

So many of us are on the go all the time, which means if you have kids you need to keep them entertained while you are away from home. Most kids want to take a long their handheld gaming systems, but these games require a lot of little game cartridges. Losing game cartridges or gaming… Continue reading Nintendo 3DS XL / 3DS Carry Case for Home or On the Go.

The Original Watermelon Ball

Even though winter is upon us it is still never too soon to think about summer family fun activities. We have a swimming pool and we spend a lot of our time in or poolside all summer long. I recently was introduced to the Watermelon ball which appealed to me due to the ability to play a number of different games. What is unique about this ball is what is can do and how it was invented.

The Watermelon ball was invented by a student after they were told by a pool manager if they continued to make a mess in the pool with a real watermelon he would ban them. A real watermelon has bouncy and that is what made it fun to play with in the water. Though, with a real watermelon you can imagine how messy it would become with a bunch of rowdy college age kids playing with it. In order to keep their fun going one student meet the challenge and keep the fun going.

The Watermelon ball was made to resemble a round seedless watermelon. The ball is made of a thick walled membrane that can hold up to the rough play. The ball is about 9 inches in diameter. The Watermelon ball has the ability to be bounced, tossed, passed, rolled and carried all while in the water. The ball has the bouncy that is necessary to stay underwater when you want it to, but can rise to the top also. The ball can be used to play basketball, football, rugby, dodge ball and so much more.

Overall, I found the Watermelon ball to be well made of high quality materials. The membrane of the ball is very thick feeling and should hold up great to the rough play. The ball has all of the veining and it is about the size of a seedless watermelon. I am unable to test the Watermelon ball in the swimming pool at this time due to winter weather. I was able to test the ball indoors. The first test I did was to fill the ball with only air. The ball bounced, was easy to toss and carry. The ball inflated easily and was easy to deflate. The ball comes with two adaptors one to fill the ball with water and the other to inflate with air. The second test I did was to fill the ball with air and water. I followed all of the instruction that come with the ball. The water feels differently when the water and air are mixed. The ball will still bounce slightly outside of the water. The Watermelon ball did stay under the water in the bathtub when I pushed it under the water and it did bounce up and down the way I thought it would. I did like that the air was easy to remove the water is a little more difficult so storing it indoors maybe a better option. I am really excited to see how this ball will function in the swimming pool. I was provided this product as a sample. I am pleased to be able to share my experience with this product. Receiving this product as a sample did not influence my opinion or findings in anyway.


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