I am a empty nester who in my spare time enjoys reviewing products, cooking, knitting and reading. The products I like to review are products that I use in my home or that my family members can use. I am always honest about my reviews because money is tight for everyone I don’t want to waste my money or point any one else in the wrong directions costing them their hard earned money. In my blog I will be listing my reviews, some cooking tips and recipes, and some of the latest books I have read. This is a blog in progress so bare with me while I really get it going.

Just recently I stated experimenting with different recipes to create healthier versions of the comfort foods we enjoy. Some of the recipes you will find listed later will be some of my own creations and I look forward to your input. I will also put some of our family favorite dishes. I will also help with menu creations similar to the one I have done for my family for years. It is a great way to save money.

My family is the light of my life and I enjoy spending time with them. I have two large yellow Labradors who think they are human and they are treated like a real member of the family. I live in Michigan and love the different seasons.


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