Food Grade Square BPA Free Buckets

Food grade square BPA free buckets in the 98 oz. size were just what I was looking for and I couldn’t wait to order them. Square buckets are hard to find and one of my favorite styles. The square buckets stack really well and take up minimal space since most of us lack extra storage space this is important. These square buckets are great to take berry picking . Just keep them in your vehicle so you are always ready anytime.

These food grade square BPA free buckets come with a wire handle which makes carrying easy. All of the buckets are recyclable and disposable. However, the buckets will give you years of use also. These buckets are pure white color which eliminates the worry for colors to leach into your food.  What makes these food grade BPA free is the mold injection Co-Poly Resin Plastics process they go through. Which is why this method has made the Berry Global Manufacturer top in their field.


The food grade square BPA free buckets are 6.44 inches in diameter and 6/13 inches in height. Since the size of these buckets is smaller than the standard round bucket they will fit in any standard cabinet easily. The buckets can be placed side by side since the handles are tight to the buckets structure.


The size of these buckets allow me to easily place 4 buckets side by side and stack 4 more.  While I do have a few cabinets that will allow up to 6 buckets side by side. Therefore, you may want to label the buckets if you are stacking to be able to know what is in each bucket. Also, if you are going to store the same item in the bucket you can use a permanent marker to write the name on the bucket.  It is most noteworthy to mention that the  lids are sold separately.

The square buckets are sold in a case quantity of 100 and come 16 cases per pallet. Berry Global products are known for their sturdy plastic products that are made to last.


These square food safe buckets are great for storing food, berries or even mixing food.  Food can be stored in the refrigerator since these are food safe buckets.  The uses for this bucket is endless you can store  small toys, crayons and markers, crafts, sewing notions or just about anything small that you want to store neatly. The wire handle make carry easy even for those little hands.


Customers can purchase these buckets here:


Customers will find lids available at


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