Let the Turtle Take the Guess Work Out at Bath Time

Bath time should be a fun experience, but for some kids it’s the most dreaded time of the day. By making sure the water is the right temp you will find that bath time can be fun again. It doesn’t hurt when you toss in a toy that can display the waters temperature.

The turtle is made of a hard rubbery material. The turtle’s head, tail and legs are a green color where the body is a lime green. On the center of the turtle there is a clear window that lights up and it display the temperature. You can even see the temperature by the color of the light. Red is hot, green is ideal and blue is cool. The battery is safely located inside of the turtle. The turtle is waterproof and dries quickly.

I have found from using the turtle thermometer with my granddaughter to save the battery’s life, I turn it on its side so that the air can dry it faster and the turtle will stop displaying a reading. I have experienced no issue with mold. The turtle is easy to clean with a soapy cloth and then a quick rinse. To change the battery it is as simple as removing the screws on the underside of the turtle. Then its just taking off the plate, then installing new batteries and putting it back together. I have been using the turtle thermometer for over a week and cannot imagine bath time without it. I was lucky to be provided a sample of this product to test. Receiving this product in no way influenced my opinion of how this product function. I truly enjoy sharing my personal experiences so that others can see the value of the product.

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Customers can find the product with this link: http://www.sears.com/ozeri-turtlemeter-the-baby-bath-floating-turtle-toy/p-04933239000P?redirectType=SKIP_LEVEL


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