Saving Money is as Easy as Packing a lunch with this Stylish Bag.

Finding just the right insulated lunch bag to fit your lifestyle is easier than you think. To find the right bag to fit your needs ask yourself the following questions, what size do I need, what am I carrying, do I need it insulated and does it fit my style. A lunch bag can be an afterthought that you use on occasion or it can be something that you want to use or need every day. The benefits of a lunch bag are packing what you want to eat, having your lunch available when you want or need it and to save money. But an insulated lunch bag can be used for so much more than just carrying a lunch. It can be used to carry baby bottles, storing breast milk for a working mother, beverages and snacks.

This stylish bag is made of a strong polyester fabric that has red and white stripes. There are two handles located on the top and each of the handles has reinforced stitching. The inside of the lunch bag has aluminum insulation that has a textured surface. There is a flap with two strips of Velcro to close the bag. The bag can be made smaller by using the strip of Velcro located at the bottom of the bag. One the front of the bag you will see a pocket that deep enough to hold utensils, condiments, napkins or anything you might want. The pocket also has a Velcro closure. The bottom of the bag opens up to have a flat bottom which allows it to standup. The overall size of the bag is about 9 ½ x 7 ¾ inches.

Overall, I found the insulated lunch bag to made well of strong materials. The handles are close to the bag, but with just the right amount of clearance to comfortably carry the bag and contents. The bag is deep enough to hold water bottles and wide enough to hold food storage containers. The top flat is adjustable to adapt to your contents. The bag is easy to clean with a damp cloth and dries quickly. The inside of the bag can also be wiped out. The only issue I have with the bag is the top closure. Since the bag does not fully close I believe it loses some of its insulating properties. If you are just trying to keep your lunch cold and have an ice pack added to the bag I am confident your lunch will stay cold even on a warm day. I tested this by placing 3 different items one in a plastic sandwich bag, one in a plastic food container and a bottle of cold water. I placed the lunch bag in the warmest part of the house and checked at 4, 6 and 8 hours. Everything was cold, but at the 8 hour the food in the plastic container and water were just chilled not cold. The plastic lunch bag contents were still cold. The bag will serve its purpose of keeping the food cold, but I would suggest using the second Velcro closing to keep the cold in better.

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You can purchase the lunch bag here:


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