A Military Style Fixed Blade Knife

The Coleman Overall Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath is a really nice copy of GI classic 7 ¾ inch blade with a deep blood groove. The saw tooth spine is on one side of the knife which is beveled and has tiny file teeth. The blade is made of a satin stainless steel. The Military style sheath has a snap close pocket for extra supplies such as bullets, flashlight or matches and so on. The sheath is made of a canvas type material. The straps are made of nylon. The handle is a durable plastic that is resistant to harsh weather. It is coated with the same olive green color as the sheath. The handle is 4 ¾ inches and the knife measures overall at 12 ¾ inches. The knife guard is made of metal has a built in barrel ring. The bayonet lug is located at the end of the handle. At the end of the sheath is a stainless steel wire cutter attachment which connects to the notch in the blade. The sharp side of the blade actually points away from the wire cutter. At the bottom of the wire cutters there is a flat blade screw driver. On the scabbard there is a sharpening stone. The sheath connects to your belt with a stainless steel belt clip that also works as a quick release. This is a well-made knife and the craftsmanship is really nice.


• Plastic Sheath
• M9 Bayonet
• Barrel ring
• Canvas
• Small storage pocket
• Satin stainless steel
• Comes sharp
• Wire cutter is bolt on scabbard
• Snap button strap closure
• Quick release belt clip
• Sharpening stone
• Built well
• Sturdy
• Durable
• Saw tooth back blade
• Bayonet lug
• Belt clip
• 7 ¾ inch blade
• 12 ¾ inch over all knife
• Deep blood groove
• Hefty
• Handle is comfortable at 4 ¾ inches
• Military green (olive green)
• Flat blade screw driver

• No leg strap

Overall, this is a nice replica of the bayonet style knives and scabbards. The blade is quite the blade and I was surprised that it came sharpened. It was sharp enough that is cut paper like a razor. The knife is hefty with just the right amount of weight to make the knife useful. The replica has been reproduced with all of the same features of the M9. I had never used a wire cutter before and it took me a while to figure out which way the knife pointed. After my husband showed me how to put the knife on the wire cutter lug I was able to cut a piece of wire. I thought that feature would have come in handy in the field and today while camping or hunting. I was lost at first to what all of the parts of the sheath and knife was used for, but I had a great teacher in my husband. My husband showed me how to put the sheath onto my belt. The knife just hangs on the side of my leg. He said most guys would have had a strap to secure the knife to their leg. This knife does not come with a leg strap which would have made this knife perfect. The description calls this an everyday knife and I have to disagree with that statement. In most communities this knife would be too large to carry, but could be used every day for hunting or camping. The flat blade screw driver is a nice feature; it could be used in numerous applications. The handle is comfortable for my small hands and my husband’s larger hands. The quick release on the bayonet can be release easily with one hand. The sheath also has a quick release which also is a one hand operation. To release the knife there two snap strap that have to be unsnapped and this could take a little bit of practice to do one handed. Though, it only takes a few seconds to unsnap with practice. The M9 bayonet was considered a multipurpose knife. It can be used as a saw, utility knife and a wire cutter. I am happy with this knife and I find that it was made durable. It is quite the knife and I can be understand why it would be useful for camping or hunting. I would recommend the Coleman Overall Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath.

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You can find this product at the link below:


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