Adding color is easier than you think

Backlighting has become extremely popular and can add hundreds of dollars to the price of your electronics. There is really no need to spend the extra money when you can add your own lighting in just a few minutes. Maybe you are looking for under the counter lightening to highlight your bar. Strip lightening can be used for so many different applications.

When looking for backlighting I wanted an option for color lighting. This strip lightening offers a wide variety of colors. Do not be afraid strip lightening is easy to install since there is no wiring involved anyone can install it. The set up is quick and easy. Located on the back of the strip lights is an adhesive strip that allows it to pressed onto most surfaces. The strip is flexible and can go around corners, be looped or put in any configuration you might want. The light strip comes rolled onto a small black plastic reel which makes installing really easy with a quick unrolling of the lights.

There are 30 LED lights along the 3.28 feet strip. Based on other LED lightening you can expect a lifespan of around 50,000 hours of use. There is a IR remote controller to control the 20 different colored light options or the different modes. A battery is already installed in the remote so it is ready to use. The power supply comes from any USB source or wall adapter using a USB connection. This ultra thin light strip is extremely flexible.

Overall, I found the waterproof LED strip lights to be easy to install and operate. The 30 LED give just enough lightening to add that little something special to your electronics or under a shelf. The adhesive tape back makes it easy to remove without damaging most surfaces. Though, I would be careful when installing to any antique pieces or wood finish surfaces. The power consumption for this back lightening strip is extremely low which allows you to run it without worrying about an increase in your electric bill. The different color options is really nice since you can change the color to fit your mood. You can even set the colors to give a holiday feel to the room. There are a number of choices with the different colors and the patterns for light display which should appeal to most users. The remote comes ready to use and was really responsive even from across the room. Remember when installing any product that uses adhesive backing the surface must be clean and dry. The USB cord is 3.28 which is my only complaint. If you have a USB source on your Television then this is will not be a issue, but if you don’t measure how far you are from an outlet before ordering. The LED strip lightening can add that little special touch you have been looking for. The LED lights do have a nice glow and are easy to use. I would recommend this set of backlighting from e-top trade.

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You can find this product at the link below:


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