Simply Stunning

If you are looking for a stunning pair of high quality earrings these maybe just what you are looking for. These beautiful 18K white gold plated earring are surprisingly one of the prettiest pairs of costume jewelry I have seen in a long time. The square shaped earrings are studded with Cubic Zirconia covering the whole setting. The entire outer edges of the earrings contain smaller sized gems. In the center of the earrings there is a large gem. The earrings are made of brass which makes them strong and allows for a good base for the white gold plating. If you have sensitive ears these earrings are lead, nickel and cadmium free making them hypoallergenic.

Overall, these are well made earrings and have all of the little details that make them to appear expensive. What I loved about these earrings is the sparkle that bounces off of CZ square earrings. The large gems are cut in a way to make the light reflect in such a way that it looks breathtaking in the sunlight. The smaller stones also add the extra sparkle that makes these earring standout. I am truly amazed with this pair of earrings for the price they offer such a high quality look defiantly something I was not expecting. This would make a fantastic gift for anyone you want to impress on a budget.

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You can find this stunning pair of earrings at the link below:


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