Simple Elegance

When I think of an elegant pair of I think of a simple stud earring. These beautiful stud earrings are 8MM which is large enough to make a statement without being too distracting. Theses earring are sold in a set that offers a clear and black studs. The clear gem stud is a square cut Cubic Zirconia gem. It is cut to enhance the way the light rolls off of the gems. The sparkle is so nice that it appears to be coming from a high priced gem. The other earring is a solid black gem which is also cut in a square shape. There is some sparkle that comes from the platinum plating setting. The earrings are lead, cadmium, nickel free and are considered hypoallergenic. The base of the earrings is brass and is coated with a Platinum plating that makes the earrings well-made and sturdy.

Overall, this set of 2 stud earrings are well made and resemble a fine pair of earrings. The earrings are not heavy which allowed me to wear them all day and night without any issues. I experienced no irritation, itchiness or redness of any kind while wearing these earrings. I have sensitive ears and I find very few earrings that do not cause some irritation of some type. The earrings cleaned up nicely with some rubbing alcohol and there was no discoloration at all. The earrings come in a nice gift box which displays them very well. If you are looking for a nice pair of inexpensive earrings that look expensive for yourself or for a gift you will not go wrong with these beautiful studs.

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You can find these beautiful earrings with the link below:


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