Make bath time fun and safe

When it comes to putting our children or grandchildren in the bathtub I know we all worry a little bit if the water is to hot or cold. With the Duckymeter the guess work is taking out of bathtub which is reassuring for me. When the packaged arrived I was surprised how big the duckymeter is. It measures from the beak to the tail 5 inches and from wing tip to wing tip 3 ¾ inches. The LED readout screen is about ¾ of inch and easy to read. The minute I put the duckymeter into the water it began to instantly read the waters temperature. I like that the thermometer reads the water temperature every second. Even if I can’t see the number readout from where I am standing I can see the colors indicators. Blue means the water is cold, the green color means the water is just the right temperature and if I see red I know the water is way too for a child. The thermometer takes 3 AAA batteries which are included and installed. When it’s time for me to change the batteries there is eight small Phillips head screws that I just have to remove too take the cover off and then I put the batteries in before placing the cover back on. The thermometer only works in water.

• Instant read
• Fully submergible
• LED readout
• Fahrenheit
• Blue – cold
• Green – perfect temp
• Red – hot
• Checks temperature every second
• Hard sealed rubberized plastic
• 3 AAA batteries included
• Toy and thermometer
• Bright and colorful

• Hard plastic battery compartment door may break it child bangs it around

Overall, the duckymeter is a nice size to float around the bathtub. The thermometer reads out in Fahrenheit. I watched the numbers change as it read the water temperature. I wanted to make sure the temperature was accurate because the water just did not feel warm to me. I got out my candy thermometer to check the readings. I found the readings to be exact which showed me that what I feel as warm maybe way too hot for delicate skin. This rubber duck can be played with while it is floating around the bathtub, but it will not squeak like other rubber duckies. Since this duckymeter does not squeak water will not get trapped inside and be a breeding ground for mold, mildew or corrode the batteries. The only thing I am unsure of is the hard plastic battery cover. Since the cover is made of hard plastic I am not sure if it will crack or break if a child was to play rough with it. Also, changing the batteries is not a quick job since there are eight screws to remove, but it does keep the batteries tucked safely away from the water and little hands. I also noticed that the duck stayed in the green with the temperatures at 100.4 degrees which I think is too hot for a small child. I think overall the duckymeter is a great item to help monitor the water temperature. I am more confident that the water temperature is safer with the duckymeter than just with me feeling the water. I would recommend the duckymeter!

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The ducky thermometer can be purchased at the links below:


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